Published here with permission from The MOORE REPORT INTERNATIONAL - March/April 2001

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Questions and Answers

"Can You Help Me?"

by Ellen Dana

Q. I have read several of your books and I'm very impressed. I have two children I want to homeschool. My oldest is bipolar/O.D.D. and though her grades are excellent, her attitude in public school isn't good. My 4-1/2 year old isn't in school. I want to keep him out of the public school system. He is bipolar/ADHD and very hard to handle. He will always be in trouble at school.

I am interested in using your program but my income is zero. Bills are paid by my son's father and his income is $800.00 for two households monthly. He doesn't have extra money. If your program is beyond my means, would you be able to offer any suggestions or advice?

A. I'm sorry that charges must be made for counsel from our teaching staff. The only way we can be here to help you and not another place earning our daily bread, is to have a salary, missionary though it might be.

Yes, I have several suggestions. One is that we see education as having a two-pronged approach; there are books, yes, but of equal importance is education from work and service. Many parents including single moms have taken the concept and are finding ways to supplement their income with the help of their children, so that the school fees can be paid. I know of several single moms, for instance, who have a small home business -- making and selling something, or cleaning homes for people who do not object to having children help mother with that work. You can be selective when you do that and choose not to work for those who don't want children around. Begin with work in the home and be sure they know how to work there before taking them into someone else's home.

I would also suggest that you look into diet as a means of improving the attitudes and actions of your children. I certainly would not settle for the prognosis on a child of mine that "he will always be in trouble at school." The diagnosis of "bipolar" is cropping up with increasing frequency and a health educator suggested recently that rather than "bipolar" perhaps we should consider that the brain of this child is not being sufficiently nourished. Try giving raw vegetable juices every day (carrot-with a little spinach; carrot-with a small amount of celery, or add a little raw garlic to either one, or add a little raw beet, etc.) You will be surprised at how good the combinations are! Best of all your children will be receiving live enzymes instead of dead food which all cooked food is. Don't make any huge changes all at once, but go to the library and see what you can find on juicing and with your children learn how their diets can be improved. If junk food forms a part of their diet, it needs to go, but if you begin with feeding the cells of their bodies, it will be so much easier to let go of the "food" (so-called) that leaves behind a "hidden hunger." Get the Moore's book, Home Made Health and read more about other dietary changes that make a difference. I will be praying for you.