Published here with permission from The MOORE REPORT INTERNATIONAL - May/June 1999

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Genetic Differences in Men and Women

by Dr. Raymond Moore

Anatomical characteristics in men and women are quite obvious and most of us also understand the internal differences, but what about functional capacities like the brain? With the help of recent research which Dorothy has found, mostly from George Washington University neurophysiologist Bernell Baldwin, let's explore some of these dissimilarities as created in Adam and Eve, especially about the way we learn. At the genetic level, neurobiologist claim there are 100 million differences between a woman and a man.

With perception and the reading of faces, tests show that baby girls right after birth are more interested in, and can detect and stay focused on, faces longer and more discriminately than baby boys. This ability becomes a permanent feminine trait.

At the college level both men and women observed a set of different items on a table for a certain number of seconds. After one item was removed, the young women noted the difference, but the young men missed that detail. The ability to notice details was considered another characteristic of women.

If you give a group of students two minutes to write down all the words that begin with "L," for example, girls will write more words than boys, and with better penmanship and spelling. The measurement of the part of a girl's brain which relates to these tasks is larger than the boys. Dexterity in placing pegs in holes is another feminine trait, although a man can handle a hammer or socket wrench with ease.

Women make good bank tellers and can keep a check book straight; they excel in fast, accurate calculations. In fact, they have good business acumen even as the Proverbs 31 woman.

Up until at least adolescence, girls generally excel in school, because they're ahead in the building of the brain-nerve components and insulating them with myelin. They also excel in sensitive, skillful nurturance or in summarization of perception, conception, feelings, memories and thoughts.

Given a big box of toys to choose from, boys grab big red trucks, but girls are more genteel in their selections. Adam, the first man on the other hand, was made taller, stronger and equipped to be the leader of the first family on earth.

When it comes to basic math, a Johns Hopkins University study analyzed thousands of gifted youth in the top three percent of IQ levels. With a top possible score of 800, the boys from ages 11-13 were ahead of the girls; on a level of 420 or more by a ratio of 1.5 to 1.0, showing that there were 50 percent more boys at this level than girls. At 500 plus the ratio was more than 2:1. At 600 plus it was 4:1. And at the very highest range of 700 plus out of a possible total of 800, the ratio was 13:1 or 13 times more boys than girls in the top group. This characteristic is lifelong.

Tests of ability for high-level abstract reasoning show superiority of men over women, as also do spatial tests of three or even four-dimensional information. That's why they excel in the fields of physics or theology. The source of this power is the frontal lobe of the brain, which occupies about 30 percent of each hemisphere. This is also the seat of love, wisdom, free moral choice and the executive power of abstract truth. To build the infrastructure of this powerful part of the brain in men takes about 30 years, but to women only about 25 years.

Satan has been busy trying to pervert this amazing mechanism. During the cold war, some Russian leaders decided to cross the smartest Russian officers with the smartest Russian women available. They not only hoped to accelerate their cherished views of evolution, but also produce super children who would someday rule the world, passing up Americans forever. But these super moms turned chores of baby care over to caregivers. Knowledgeable people can guess the rest. The children became selfish, uncontrolled brats -- more like animals. So the results of this experiment was quietly buried.

A similar experiment was tried by the Jews in order to develop female engineers, scientists, and high-achieving leaders. Boys and girls were housed and clothed the same in the "kibbutz" home -- in mass care for children while mothers were "liberated" to work. Its most common problem was bed-wetting. This kind of social management did not work for the Russians or the Jews. Nor will it work for Americans, with the common use of daycare today.

God made men and women perfectly, though different, to warmly, responsively complement each other as cooperating models in safe, loving homes, in communities and in society as a whole. Building the child's character and brain in such homes is God's warranty for creating His children -- sons and daughters of God.

[Information gleaned from "Male and Female Created He Them," by Bernell Baldwin, Ph.D. in The Journal of Health and Healing, pp. 3-6. Vol.21 #4.]