Published here with permission from The MOORE REPORT INTERNATIONAL - November/December 2000

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Questions and Answers

"Is it Too Late to Homeschool My Children?"

Am I Able to Do This?

Q. I have been watching your program on 3ABN TV and have been having the desire to homeschool my children for some time, but did not consider it seriously enough to take action. The availability and convenience of the Christian school helped push the thought away. I also feel that I am not patient and disciplined enough to be able to do a good job in educating them. I am an R.N. by profession and have very little teaching skill -- worst on children. Do you think there is a potential for me on this?

My son is 12 years old in 7th grade, my daughter age 10 in 5th and baby girl is two. This is the worst year for the older ones academically. They are also disgruntled because they had to leave a bigger school in NY and come to a very small school with my daughter the only 5th grader. I have spoken to them about the idea of homeschool, but my son doesn't seem to buy the idea.

As I listen to you talk, I fell more and more convinced that God wants me to do this; take the step of faith and constantly depend on His strength in training these young minds to love Him and prepare them for His service.

I thank god that you are there to guide me in this venture. Do you think it is not too late? And can I do this?

A. Of course you can homeschool your children. Remember that God's biddings are His enablings. Claim His promises and He will help you.

Although we've known parents to take even a 17-year-old out of school, sometimes they find that a child is resistant enough so that dogmatically taking him out of school is not wise. A better approach is to homeschool the younger child and get busy planning together with that child for exciting field trips and home business plans where she can earn some money. Many times the older child begins feeling left out and wants to be included, especially if he sees that he could be getting into the earning bracket if he weren't "wasting" so much time at school. Being socialized can suddenly become not nearly so important. We've found that children who are doing the Moore Formula Program get socialized across all ages, not just caught up with the often "foolishness" of their peers. Also tell him that you are praying about homeschool as a viable option for him and ask him to pray about it also.

We strongly encourage you to enroll one or both of your children in the Moore Academy so that you can stay close to your counselor for help and advice by e-mail and phone, especially the first year.