Published here with permission from The MOORE REPORT INTERNATIONAL - September/October 1997

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Weaver for Unit Studies

Kay Quisenberry of New Mexico started out with homeschooling very much like the average parent. She did a lot of research and ordered a different curriculum for each child from three different companies, but she found that no one program was just right. The next year she designed her own, but was evidently not satisfied, because she went to a big conference with many exhibits, hoping to find the right thing.

In her fatigue and confusion she asked the Lord for guidance. Then she went and sat down at the Weaver booth and asked to be told about it. It seems to be exactly what she needed. Here's what she says about it:

Weaver is a Biblically-based multi-level curriculum. The program is built into one large notebook. We travel six months out of the year and do our share of studying on the road. It is a treat to be able to carry one notebook rather than one book per subject per student. Weaver can be purchased with or without reference materials. We have made excellent use of our library and read hundreds of books each year. I am amazed at how much material we have covered.

Weaver connects the subjects together into unit studies. Each two plus weeks we study a new unit, a new subject, keeping our interest and motivation moving. Unit studies allow students to learn a little or a lot depending on their interest level. The children started research papers at 1st and 2nd grade. With a step by step, day to day process, before we knew it, we had three research papers completed. Weaver has many hands-on activities and field trip ideas.

If you have heard of the value of unit studies, but are frustrated in knowing how to manage them, this program lays it out in detail. One of the best ways to check out this curriculum is to buy the 10-day sample, either the preschool or the Vol. I. This way you can try it before you buy it. It will also teach you what a unit study program is all about so that ultimately you may wish to do your own. Just one caution: Don't try to do everything, pick and choose what is best for your children, and don't let it drive you.