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Week 1

Introduction: Greenleaf Timeline of Greece, discuss what myths and legends are
Review OT Spread of people, Descendants of Noah's three sons, Tower of Babel, etc.
Read: The Greeks: pages 64-65 "Gods and Goddesses"
D'Aulaire's Greek Myths: pages 9 - 23
    Pandora pg. 74

Make "Book of the Centuries" (explain the difference between BC and AD)
Discuss how as Man sinned and moved away from God, he had to replace the truth with lies. Man was created to worship, and since he had moved away from the truth, he set up lies to worship. Some, like the Egyptians, worshipped gods from nature, and the Greeks set up gods who were just like humans, with the same problems and personalities.

Compare the story of Pandora's box to the story of Original Sin in the Bible.
Read: The Children's Homer Part I ch. 1 - 6

Week 2

The Children's Homer part I chs. 7 - 13
Read: Famous Men of Ancient Greece (Greenleaf): (At least two of the following)
Hercules and His Labors
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Theseus and the Minotaur
Answer discussion questions orally.
Read: The Greeks (Usborne): pages 3-13
Timeline BC3000-BC1201

Week 3 and Week 4

The Children's Homer Part I chs. 14 - 23
The Olympics
Visit web site: www.cfcc.net/dutch/Greece.htm and look up Ancient Olympics
www.scholastic.com/olympicgames/index.asp for modern Olympics
Read:  The Greeks (Usborne): 58 -59
Eyewitness Book: Olympics
Watch Opening Ceremonies for Olympics 2000 in Sydney Australia on Sept 15th
Watch video: Chariots of Fire. Discuss Eric Liddell, and read about his missionary work as well.

Week 5

The Children's Homer Part II chs. 1 - 6
The Trojan War
Visit Web Site: www.cfcc.net/dutch/greece.htm and look up Troy and Trojan War
Read:  The Greeks: pages 14 -15 "The Trojan War"
Before America Ch. 5,sections 5.1 Aegan Civilization

Discuss the sayings, "He's the Achilles Heel of the team" and "The boys used the excuse of the lost wallet as the Trojan Horse to get back into the fairgrounds".
Make a Trojan Horse out of Legos

Week 6

The Children's Homer Part II chs. 7 - 14
Geography and Social Structure of Greece
Make map of Greece and surrounding countries (Use encyclopedia, and websites for info)
Read:  The Greeks: pgs. 16 - 19, 20-21, 24-27 (economy, farming, social structure and government)
Before America Ch. 5, sections 5.2 (Early Greece)
English From The Roots Up - Greek Alphabet
Begin using English from the Roots Up, One Word per week (Sarah Only)

Week 7

The Children's Homer Part II chs. 15 - End of Book
The Greeks: pgs. 22 -23 "Sparta"
Read: The Greeks: 24 -31
Before America Ch. 5, sect. 5.3--5.4 (How people lived in Sparta, How People lived in Athens)
Website: www.cfcc.net/dutch/Greece.htm for information about culture and foods and costumes
What is a marathon?
What is 22 miles from our home? Could you run that far without stopping?
Drive 22 miles west on Rts. 7 and find out what's there!
Xerxes is also known as Ahasuerus in the Bible, husband of Esther. Read Esther together to learn more.

Week 8

Archimedes and the Door of Science, chs. 1 - 3
Read: The Greeks: pages 40 -41 "The Persian Wars"
Before America Ch. 5, section 5.5 (The Greeks Defeat Mighty Persia)
Website: www.cfcc.net/dutch/Greece.htm for information about Persian Wars

Week 9

Archimedes and the Door of Science chs. 4 - 6
Read: The Greeks: pgs. 52 -53 "Childhood Education"
Before America: 5.6 (Great Artists, Thinkers, and Writers of Ancient Greece)

Activity:  1. Make a machine using legos, Lincoln logs, tinker toys, etc. to demonstrate Archimedes discoveries of levers, pulleys, and inclined planes
2. Recreate Archimedes experiment to demonstrate displacement
3. Narrate Archimedes discoveries of astronomy, using our star chart as visual aid.

Week 10

Archimedes and the Door of Science chs. 7 - 9
Read: The Greeks: pgs. 72 - 73 The Rise of Macedonia and Alexander the Great
Before America Chapter 5, section 5.7 Greek Ideas Spread Far
1. Use counters to demonstrate square, triangular and cube numbers, as shown in ch. 9 of Archimedes.

Week 11

Archimedes and the Door of Science chs. 10 - 12
Read: The Greeks: pages 78 - 79 "Philosophers"
Before America Chapter 5, Review Questions and Narration
Describe Archimedes war machines. Draw a picture of one of them. How did King Hiero convince Archimedes to build them?

Week 12

Archimedes and the Door of Science chs. 13 -14 (end of book)
Famous Men of Ancient Greece: The Fall of Greece
The Greeks: pgs. 76 - 77
Read two more D'Aulaire's Greek Myths

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