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The "Moore Formula"
Control without Stress
How to Prepare Your Child for the Reading Process
Phonics or Whole Language?
Sample Home School Program for Children Under 8 or 9 Years of Age
Suggested Books
Books for Reading or Reading Aloud
Curriculum and Resources
Software Comments
Forms - math charts and list of States
Articles from the Moore Report International

Homeschooling is not school-at-home, it is a way of life. Even if you have a child in school (public or private), learning should be a way of life in your home. Our children have been entrusted to us by God, so teaching our children about God, how they can know Him, and why they should live according to His will, is the most important thing parents must do. Studying God's Word, the Bible, gives us many opportunities to teach every aspect of life (Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Character, etc.) and to show the relevance of God, even today. We trust you will find something useful on these pages, even if you are not a Homeschooling Family.

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