These Software Titles are listed in Alphabetical Order

Disclaimer: The software listed here are some of what we use. We can only tell you what we have experienced.

Bailey's Book House - Ages 2 - 5. Pre-reading skills made fun! Games for letters, words, sentences, rhyming, and stories. My children's favorite was the rhyming word game. Find the rhyming words to ride together on the roller coaster.

Big Job - Ages 2 - 7. This is a wonderful program about Big Trucks that do Big Jobs. All my children just love it, and dad does, too. You can build roads, drive trucks, build a building, haul cows, and all sorts of things. There are some great things to do to get the little thinker going. When we bought this program, it came with a wonderful video showing the Big Trucks in action. Discovery Channel Multimedia

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse - Ages 3 - 8. I have to admit that I delayed buying this until I knew exactly what was in it. A Haunted Schoolhouse was not on my list of things I wanted for my children. Freddi and her friend Luther take off on a quest to find the ghost scaring those at the schoolhouse. Freddi reminds everyone that there is no such thing as a ghost. It is later discovered that the ghost is really someone dressed up as a ghost. Thinking skills, motor skills (use of the mouse or Easy Ball), and accepting a thank-you as reward are part of this game. Humongous Entertainment

Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell - Ages 3 - 8. Another Freddi Fish adventure that is just as colorful and fun as the others. One problem with this adventure, however, is the Fortune Telling booth. I have instructed my children to not use it as it is not needed to play the game. After you find the conch shell, you are given a clue as to the culprit. Thinking skills are a good part of this game. Humongous Entertainment

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds - Ages 3 - 8. Freddi Fish needs to find Grandma Grouper's missing kelp seeds so she can plant them. This colorful game helps with thinking skills, motor skills (use of the mouse or Easy Ball), and learning to help others and accepting a thank-you as enough of a reward. Humongous Entertainment

Let's Go Read! 1 An Island Adventure - Beginning Phonics Learners. An extra way for the reinforcement of the letter sounds, and it's fun, too. Several games for each letter allow your child to help remember what he is learning. One thing that is unusual with this program is that different fonts are used for each letter, so your child can recognize it in other settings. There is also a game for several sight words (like "the", "of", "off", etc.) A microphone is not necessary for this program, but it is a fun addition. My younger children love to call the letter out from hiding by saying it's sound. They are able to hear what is said and compare it to the way it is supposed to sound.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis - Ages 6 - 14 and up. My children and I love playing this game of logic. You must get the Zoombinis to safety by solving the puzzles along the way. The more times you pass a particular way, the harder it will get! I love a challenge, and many of these puzzles are great challenges! Broderbund

Marvelous Math for Windows - The best math drilling program for the price. You may customize the drill for each child, including the time of the drill. It also keeps a record of the percentage correct and the levels of the drill. There is nothing fancy in this program, just a regular drill written by a homeschooling dad, but it is enjoyed by children anyway. Triple P

Math Blaster Jr. - Ages 4 - 7. Beginning math skills are included here. Learn to skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's by singing along. A number line, addition, subtraction, shapes and colors are all part of the learning. Our oldest used to hate math, but when she started playing this, things started to make sense and she no longer hates math. Just a comment on the other Math Blasters. While they include drilling and some good thinking skills, there is much more arcade action than drilling. Sometimes you can know the correct answer but get it wrong because you aren't as skillful in the game portion. Knowledge Adventure

Millie's Math House - Ages 2 - 5. Counting, shapes, problem solving, and adding and subtraction are all included. A favorite game is the "big and little" game (that's what my children call it). You need to find the right thing for the right person based on size.

Music Ace - Great program for an introduction to music theory. Instruction and then games for drilling make this fun. To see if it's right for you, download a free demo version at: Harmonic Vision

Numbermaze Challenge - Beginning Counting through Grade 6. The great thing about this program is that even your very young children can use it! It starts out with counting to 5 and moves on up through division. Speed is not as important with this program, so it gives your child a more relaxed drill. To get through the doors in the maze, three problems are presented (from counting all the way up, based on their customized ability). Then you work your way through the maze to another door. Not only do you have math drill, you also have a map reading skill worked on as they view the map and where they currently are in the maze. When you enter your child's name on the list, it will also be used from time to time in word problems. Yes! A drilling program with story problems! All my children like this game - and they can all use it right where they are. As a matter of fact, my son just about forced himself to learn to add to keep going.

Putt Putt Goes to the Moon - Ages 3 -8. Putt Putt, the car, ends up on the moon by accident. Once there, he must find and obtain various items to build a rocket to get back to earth. Putt Putt also has to work with others to obtain some of the items. This game helps with thinking skills, motor skills (use of the mouse or Easy Ball) and teamwork. Humongous Entertainment

Putt Putt Joins the Parade - Ages 3 -8. Putt Putt, the car, finds out about a parade and wants to be a part. In order to be in the parade, he needs to get a car wash. To get a car wash, he has to earn money. This game helps with thinking skills, motor skills (use of the mouse or Easy Ball), and learning to complete a job and do it well before getting paid. Humongous Entertainment

Putt Putt Saves the Zoo - Ages 3 -8. Putt Putt, the car, upon getting to the zoo, finds that some of the baby animals are missing. Putt Putt then sets out to help by finding them. Thinking skills, motor skills (use of the mouse or Easy Ball), and learning to help others with a thank-you as enough of a reward are all part of this game. There is the availability to hear facts about some of the animals. Humongous Entertainment

Sammy's Science House - Ages 3 - 6. A great start in observation skills - which are very important in science. Sort, build, and explore.

Spell It Deluxe - Ages 6 to Adult. All sorts of words to spell, and all broken down in groups. Words for all levels! You can even add your own lists. My favorite part is the Spelling Bee. While this is a great program for helping you learn the spelling of words, for the younger set, I would choose Spelling Blaster 6 - 9 (listed below) because it is much more fun and colorful. Knowledge Adventure

Spelling Blaster Ages 6 - 9 - Five fun games to help improve spelling. The lists are broken down into phonetic categories, and you can also add your own lists. True to the Blaster series, appeal to the eye and the imagination is great! Knowledge Adventure

The Magic Applehouse - Ages 5 - 10. All sorts of fun and learning are found in this program. Help Abigail Appleseed run her business. While helping you will learn how to use the computer. This includes creating folders, resizing windows, copy and paste, use of spreadsheets, databases, word processors, graphics, etc. You also learn basic business skills by creating business cards, advertisements, letterhead, etc. Counting money and following a recipe are also included. I can't say enough about how good this program is! This program is now called The Magic Applehouse Basic Skills Builder K to 2, but could be used by even older children who need to learn some basic computer skills.

Trudy's Time and Place House - Ages 3 - 6. Find "treats" for the bug on the mapped grid by going in the correct direction, see time on both analog and digital clocks, and other activities. All sorts of beginning geography information. This is a fun program that gives great practice on map and time skills without stress. This is another favorite of the younger children.

Typing Instructor Deluxe - This program is great for teaching typing and drilling. There are videos that show you which finger to use and where the key is located on the keyboard. To prevent you from looking at the keyboard while doing the lesson, above your typing on the screen is the appropriate finger and key highlighted. When doing the tests, however, you do not see this help. There are also several games to help you increase your speed and accuracy. Individual Software

Word Munchers Deluxe - Ages 6 - 11 (Grades 1 - 5). This is an educational game that is great fun! Depending upon the grade, you have Classification (lower grades have pictures), nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phonics, rhyming, etc. There are two ways to play, with Troggles (sneaky little creatures that will catch you and/or snatch the things you are trying to "munch") or without Troggles. Playing without Troggles helps you get used to the game, and it helps children play the game well even if they aren't good at controlling the mouse. Playing with Troggles will make the game fast-paced.

World Discovery Deluxe. Fit the "puzzle" pieces to the right area. Answer questions about states and countries. All sorts of fun drills for geography. A fun way to learn. You can even have "tournaments" with several "contestants".

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