God Created the Dry Land and Plants Unit Study done by Jo Dee's Family

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My children were aged 10, 7, and 6 when we completed this short study on dry land and plants. I do not assign topics for writing (my oldest is the only one who actually did her own writing then), but writing is normally done about things we have done in "school" by her own choice.

Unit Study - God Created the Dry Land and Plants

All study was done as a basic introduction to plants and land.

During the study, memorize Genesis 1:9-13

Resources (some of these have duplicate suggested experiments):

Genesis For Kids (Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation) by Doug Lambier and Robert Stevenson (this book, I ve heard is now out of print, but some places still have some copies); pages 41-64

The World God Made by Edward J. Shewan; pages 19-32

Science Activities Volume 1 an Usborne book; pages 2-15

Science Activities Volume 2 an Usborne book; pages 50-72

Milliken Geology Rocks and Minerals

The Usborne Complete First Book of Nature; pages 25-72

Milliken Studying Plants

Some Miscellaneous Supplies:
water, plastic cups, seeds, plant, colored sand, glue, baby food jars, soil, sand

Some general things we did:
erosion (running water, freezing and expanding)
what's in dirt
why plants need dirt
nature walks (one each for rock gathering, leaf gathering, flower smelling, enjoyment)
sand art (use as glitter on a picture or filling jars with layers of colored sand)
water separates land
growing plants
plants and light
food (fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds)
medicine (use of plants)

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