God Created the Man Unit Study done by JoDee's Family

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My children were aged 11, 8, and 7 when we completed this short study on Man. I do not assign topics for writing, but writing is normally done about things we have done in "school", by choice.

Unit Study - God Created Man

All study was done as a basic introduction to the many animals.

During the study, memorize Genesis 1:26-31

Resources (some of these have duplicate suggested activities):

Genesis For Kids (Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation) by Doug Lambier and Robert Stevenson (this book, I ve heard is now out of print, but some places still have some copies); pages 119-152

The World God Made by Edward J. Shewan; pages 84-90

What's Inside You? an Usborne book

Why Do People Eat? an Usborne book

Milliken Nutrition

Milliken Systems of the Human Body

101 Things Every Kid Should Know About the Human Body by Samantha Beres

Some general things we did:
Museum visit
Blind taste, smell, touch, and sound tests
Blind maze race
Optical Illusions
God rested, we need rest
Meal planning

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