God Created the Sun, Moon, and Stars Unit Study done by Jo Dee's Family

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My children were aged 10, 7, and 6 when we completed this short study on the Sun, Moon, and Stars. I do not assign topics for writing (my oldest is the only one who actually did her own writing then), but writing is normally done about things we have done in "school" by her own choice.

Unit Study - God Created the Sun, Moon, and Stars

All study was done as a basic introduction to the sun, moon, stars, our solar system, and space flight.

During the study, memorize Genesis 1:14-19

Resources (some of these have duplicate suggested experiments):

Genesis For Kids (Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation) by Doug Lambier and Robert Stevenson (this book, I ve heard is now out of print, but some places still have some copies); pages 65-84

The World God Made by Edward J. Shewan; pages 33-42

Rockets and Spaceflight an Usborne book

The Young Astronomer an Usborne book

Moon Walk an I Can Read Book

Milliken Our Solar System and the Universe

Milliken Exploring Space

Our Amazing Solar System Planetary Science Kit (includes materials to make the planets and a book with facts) we used this when my oldest was 5 years old, but we were able to still use the planets we made and the book with information again

Smithsonian Astro Lab Planetarium (includes materials to make a model solar system and a home planetarium)

Some Miscellaneous Supplies:
plastic "jugs" (to make pretend space helmets - the face part is cut out and we pretend we have a face mask), Planet kits (includes all materials, including paint), telescope or binoculars, calendars

Some general things we did:
Review of the seasons (demonstration with globe and flashlight) - opposites in Northern and Southern hemispheres
Effect seasons have on plants and animals
Months and days review
Reading and making a calendar
Telling time by the sun
Solar System model
Moon phases (demonstration with globe, ball and flashlight - observation through the month)
Day and Night (demonstrate with globe)
Our sun is a star
Planetarium visit
Star Gazing
Space Travel and Astronauts

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